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The Integrated Clinical Apprenticeship Presentation Day 24/05/2018

On Thursday the 24th May we held a presentation day for the year 5 students of the Integrated Clinical Apprenticeship (ICA) course to showcase their creative pieces demonstrating their reflections and learning from apprenticeship.

The ICA is a pilot course for 24 year 5 students who spend one day a week outside of their normal curriculum, with a morning spent at a GP practice where they accumulate their own caseload of patients related to the specialties covered in year 5 (obstetrics & gynaecology, psychiatry, paediatrics, palliative care). These students then follow these patients across the whole year attending appointments in secondary care, deliveries for antenatal patients, home visits, and investigations and reviewing their patients in the GP Practice. They take an active role in their patients’ management and ownership over their caseload of patients. In the afternoon the students attend for centralised teaching on topics related to professional practice including managing u…