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The Appointment by Dr Graham Easton featured on Radio 2 Book Club

The Appointment written by Imperial College GP Dr Graham Easton will be featured on the Radio 2 Fact not Fiction Book Club on Thursday 1 September. The book was selected with the help of a panel made up of Reading Agency and library staff from across the UK.

The Appointment
Despite the modern trend towards empowering patients and giving them more choice, the nuts and bolts of medical practice largely remain a mystery – a closed box. In fact, the more health information is available on the internet, the more patients can feel swamped and confused. The Appointment offers an intimate and honest account of how a typical GP tries to make sense of a patient’s health problems and manage them within the constraints of their health system and the short ten minute appointment. Experienced GP Dr Graham Easton shows how GPs really think, lays bare their professional strengths and weaknesses, and exposes what really influences their decisions about their patients’ health.

Selection panel review

Summer 2016 Newsletter

The Summer 2016 Newsletter from the Department of Primary Care and Public Health came out today. Our lead story was about the Imperial College teaching awards won by four of our academic GPs: Dr Sonia Kumar, Dr Joanne Harris, Dr Rosalind Herbert and Dr Elizabeth Muir Sonia Kumar received the President’s Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Excellence, the highest award for teaching at Imperial College. Dr Joanne Harris, Dr Rosalind Herbert and Dr Elizabeth Muir received the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Of the 14 awards made for teaching excellence at Imperial College London in 2016, four were made to academic GPs, which reflects the excellent work of the Undergraduate Teaching Unit and the support we have received from the NHS GPs who help deliver our teaching programmes.

Congratulations to Dr Beena Gohil

Every year, Imperial College London gives out Teaching Excellence Awards to NHS teachers. This year, we were very pleased that an award was given to one of our GP teachers, Dr Beena Gohil from the Oldfield Family Practice in Greenford. The students who had been placed with Dr Gohil for their primary care teaching were very positive about their experience with her.

"I very much enjoyed my placement with Dr Gohil. She took the time out of her day to teach me about different aspects of general practice, and when I expressed my interest in becoming a GP, she gave me invaluable insight into her role in the community”.

"In addition to learning about general practice, Dr Gohil also allowed me the opportunity to find out more about the career and lifestyle of a GP. This was invaluable for a 5th year student who has many career decisions to make over the next 3 years. I felt I was able to ask Dr Gohil about her practice, her training and her lifestyle in order to get a real insight …

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A View from the Undergraduate Teaching Community, with Dr Dana Beale