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Year 1 First Clinical Attachment: Dr Ros Herbert

Students are visiting their patient volunteers for the 3rd time this term. The feedback from students to us is that this relationship inspires them to keep studying the basic sciences and brings their sociology and communication skills teaching to life.

Thank you so much to all the practices who have taken students for an ICE placement. This is the only clinical placement the First Years go on, so again it is much appreciated by all!

The new e-portfolio seems to be promoting much greater depth of learning and we await the results of a new joint essay with sociology. We also look forward to an away day at Cumberland lodge thinking about role modelling with an ever popular slot by Giskin Day on changes in the role of doctor’s identities in film and literature.

GP Teacher Awards

We were delighted to present our first GP Teacher Awards at last year’s Annual Teachers’ Workshop in June. These are new prizes, awarded annually by the Department of Primary Care and Public Health to reward GP teachers who have shown enduring commitment and excellence in their teaching of our students, as well as receiving consistently positive student feedback. Winners were presented with a certificate and an engraved glass trophy), along with a short citation. For 2012, we gave a prize for each of the four main GP teaching courses:

Year 1 (First Clinical Attachment) - Dr Jens Foell: “He went the extra mile for us by bringing in a professional actor to help us with our presentation skills and taking us on group trips to medical exhibitions. He also sent us relevant and very interesting literature to read up on”.

Year 3 (Clinical Methods Teaching) - Dr Caroline Jewels: “Found it really helpful that Dr Jewels tailored the sessions to suit us, based on what we felt we needed extra help …

Meeting of GP Trainers in NW London

From April 2013 onwards, postgraduate professional training in the NHS comes under the remit of Local Education & Training Boards. Professor Azeem Majeed was invited to speak at a meeting of General Practice Training Scheme Programme Directors and General Practice Trainers in NW London on 8 March to describe how general practitioners could work with Imperial College in the new landscape for postgraduate GP training.

Imperial GP Specialty Training Scheme

The Imperial GP Speciality Training Programme offers training and education for GP specialist trainees in many new areas such as public health, commissioning, primary care research and teaching, leadership and management. The unique training scheme, which is run jointly by the Department of Primary Care & Public Health and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, is a three year programme consisting of two sections. The trainees spend 18 months based in general practice focusing on developing consultation skills, managing a range of primary care medical problems and completing the Clinical Skills Assessment and Work Based Programme component of the nMRCGP; and 18 months based in hospital specialties (e.g. Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medicine, Psychiatry). As part of the educational release programme, run by programme directors Dr Martin Block and Dr Samia Hasan, GP trainees meet for half a day on a weekly basis in this department.

Currently into the second term of …

IDF Diabetes Atlas

Professor Azeem Majeed, MPH Course Director, has been invited to join the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Atlas Committee. The IDF Diabetes Atlas is the authoritative source of evidence on the burden of diabetes for health professionals, scientists, economists, policy-makers, and national and international agencies. The evidence presented in previous editions of the IDF Diabetes Atlas has been used widely by news media, governments, and international organisations such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the World Economic Forum.