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A few days in the life of Shivani Tanna - Year 3 Medicine in the Community Course Lead and Senior Teaching Fellow

I am fortunate, to have many varied roles. No day is ever really the same for me so writing about a typical day is a challenge. For three days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays), I am a locum GP having recently moved to Liverpool and sadly leaving my salaried role in West London. For the three days as a GP I’m mostly ferrying my kids to school, rushing to my practice, seeing 16 patients and possibly a home visit, admin and then rushing back to collect kids before ferrying them again to activities, cooking dinner and homework. I attempt to get the kids to sleep by 8pm but usually fail miserably until about 9.30pm. I try and do a bit of work for at least half an hour every evening during my "peace and quiet adult time" - either a project for Imperial, a medico-legal report, an appraisal or writing children's books which is a hobby of mine. After that it's bed. My two days a week as a course lead for year 3 MICA start on a Wednesday morning at 4.05am. I quietly pott…