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Family Medicine Residency Training Program in Saudi Arabia

Dr Ahmed Al-Mujil is a Family Medicine Doctor from Saudia Arabia on a one year attachment to the Academic Dept of Primary care at Imperial.In this blog he gives us a unique insight into Family Medicine training in Saudia Arabia.
The Family Medicine Residency Training Program in Saudi Arabia was established in 1994, at which time the first edition of the curriculum was written. Since then, Family Medicine and medical education have undergone significant changes. The curriculum was revised many times, until recent adoption of the Canadian Medical Education Directive for Specialists- CanMeds competencies framework in which the “competent physician” seamlessly integrates the competencies of all seven CanMEDS Roles. (Medical expert, Collaborator, Communicator, Leader, Health Advocate, Scholar and Professional).
The duration of training in Family Medicine is four years starting from the first of October every year. All trainees must go through the rotations in their training manual; each rot…

Innovative Training Post at The King’s Fund

Bringing together physical and mental health - A new frontier for integrated care
By Preety Das

For my first rotation on the Imperial GP Specialty Training scheme, I was excited by the opportunity to apply for an Innovative Training Post (ITP). ITPs in this scheme comprise a split post between general practice and a dynamic range of portfolio options. With a keen interest in public health and research, I was fortunate to be selected by my first choice post at the King’s Fund. Originally set up by Dr. Martin Block (Imperial VTS Programme Director), this post provides a unique platform for trainees to understand the wider picture and engage with healthcare policy. I decided to fully immerse myself in a range of projects over the six months that followed, to include: qualitative and quantitative research, departmental presentations, blog writing and event chairing. Launched recently at the Fund, I summarise below key findings from our report, entitled, ‘Bringing together physical and menta…