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Health Inequalities and Medical Education Special Study Modules

Medical schools are encouraged to have some space in the curriculum to allow students to explore some subjects of their choice in greater depth - this is to encourage personal interests and in depth learning. At Imperial College London, final year specialty choice modules give students time to do just this; they run for 3 weeks at a time and repeat continuously from August to February so that as many students as possible have the opportunity to undertake these modules. Dr Ros Herbert, Health Inequalities and Medical Education Course Lead, describes her experience of establishing two new special study modules.

In the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Imperial College London, we have recently created two such modules, one in Health Inequalities and one in Medical Education. In the Health Inequalities, module students have had the opportunity to spend time in homeless clinics, refugee clinics, in a Southall surgery, with a prison doctor and in a teenage pregnancy centre. …

Use of Twitter by Departmental Staff

Many of the staff in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health at Imperial College London, along with honorary and affiliated staff, are active uses of Twitter. A list of all the Twitter accounts associated with the department is appended below.

Twitter Account Name 1.Departmental account @Imperial_PCPH 2.UG Teaching Unit @ICGPteaching 3.Imperial GP Training Scheme @ImperialGpst 4.Global eHealth Unit @eHealthImperial 5.WHO Collaborating Centre @ImperialWHOCC 6.Azeem Majeed @Azeem_Majeed 7.International Conference of PCPH @IC_PCPH 8.John O’Donoghue @JOD_eHealth   9.Anthony Laverty @anthonylav 10.Edward Meinert @edwardmeinert