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Poor infant and young child feeding practices in rural Hebei Province, China

A cross-sectional survey published in BMJ Open found poor infant feeding practices in a rural county, Zhao County, in Hebei Province, China.
Early initiation of breastfeeding was only 22.4%, exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months was less than 10% and continued breastfeeding up to the age of two was just 38.2%. Only 32.5% of children were given iron-rich or iron-fortified foods. The leading sources of infant feeding information were family members, neighbours, friends and popular media. Only around 20% of the information came from health facilities and nearly none came from communities. Household property data showed that 99.9% of households owned televisions and 99.4% owned mobile phones. In addition, 61.2% of the households owned computers, with 54.8% having access to the internet.
The authors concluded that few caregivers of children in Zhao County received feeding information during pregnancy and after delivery. Moreover, their feeding knowledge and practices were poor. Multi-chann…

Imperial College London's 2014 Annual GP Teachers Conference

On Friday 13 June 2014, Imperial College London held its Annual GP Teachers Conference, organised by the Department of Primary Care & Public Health. We had some distinguished speakers including Dr Roger Neighbour and Dr Martin Lupton. There were also a range of workshops. The event was attended by over 100 GPs from across the UK. The winners of our 2014 Teaching Prizes were also announced at the event.

Dr Anju Verma and Dr Caroline Collins, GP Teaching Fellows, at the start of the day
 Dr Jo Harris and Dr Sonia Kumar discussing their plans for the day
The delegates waiting for the start of the conferenc
Dr Graham Easton discussing the highlights of the morning session over lunch
A poster on our new case management project
Some of the pictures taken by our students in their Year 6 placements
 A health education poster designed by our students
Dr Martin Lupton speaking about the medical school's plans for undergraduate education
Dr Roger Neighbour preparing for his talk. 
Dr So…